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Annual Travel Insurance with COVID-19 cover*

If you’re a frequent traveller then it might be ideal to purchase an annual travel insurance policy. This provides you flexibility when and where you decide to travel, with the confidence of knowing you’ll be covered for the unexpected

Our travel insurance cover includes:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions with up to 15 million medical expenses per person, including cover for COVID-19 whilst travelling.
  • Up to 7,500 cancellation cover per person, including if you become ill with COVID-19 or instructed to quarantine before you travel.
  • Cover for lost travel and accommodation expenses if you are advised to quarantine due to COVID-19 while abroad.
  • Access to a 24-hour emergency assistance phone line when you're abroad.

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What is annual travel insurance?


Annual travel insurance also known as multi-trip travel insurance is an insurance policy that offers cover for a period of one year. If you are a frequent traveller for business or leisure then an annual travel insurance policy is most likely the right cover for you.

The benefits of an annual policy include:

  • You only pay once for annual cover
  • Value for money, the more trips you have in a year the more value you get from the product
  • If you have booked a last minute holiday, you can focus on packing your bags and getting to the airport without having to worry about organising new travel insurance cover

If you take several trips within a year, our annual travel cover could be a good choice for you and you can start your policy straight away, or choose a start date up to 30 days in advance. But for those taking a one-off holiday, purchasing single trip cover might be the better option for you.

Protect yourself with our annual trip cover


Simply choose from our three levels of cover; Bronze, Silver or Gold to make sure you’re covered for when the unexpected happens when you’re away. You can tailor your annual travel insurance to your needs by adding extra cover if you need too.

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Bronze Silver Gold
£10,000,000 emergency medical and repatriation cover £12,500,000 emergency medical and repatriation cover £15,000,000 emergency medical and repatriation cover
Up to £10,000 for personal accident cover Up to £20,000 for personal accident cover Up to £30,000 for personal accident cover
£1,500 cover for cancelling or cutting short your trip £5,000 cover for cancelling or cutting short your trip £7,500 cover for cancelling or cutting short your trip
£1,000 for personal possessions cover £2,000 for personal possessions cover £3,000 for personal possessions cover
£20,000 for legal expenses £30,000 for legal expenses £50,000 for legal expenses
Our optional extras

We offer a fantastic range of optional extras for you and your trip that can be added to your policy when you get a quote online or speaking to one of our agents on the phone.

Enhanced gadget cover

Enhanced gadget cover

Buy increased cover for your gadgets (including phones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches) while you're on your trip.

Cruise cover

Cruise cover

Cruising is a special holiday. Our optional cruise cover will protect you from the second you purchase to the moment you drop anchor back home.

Golf cover

Golf cover

If you're golfing while you’re away, you can protect your clubs and your pre-booked green fees.

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Why Select & Protect?


If you haven’t heard of us before, we have been in the insurance industry providing insurance products exclusively through financial professionals for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on:

  • Being there for you. We take pride in providing a personlised service to our customers at all times. We do everything we can to help customers and are here to to make sure you're covered every step of the way.
  • Providing cover for your needs. We understand that when it comes to the price you pay for your insurance, it’s about getting the right balance – top quality cover at a competitive price. And that’s true for the range of additional cover options we provide, which are designed to meet your individual needs.
  • Allowing you to buy with confidence. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right type of travel insurance for your needs which is why we take the time to help you personalise a policy that protects you.
Need a different policy?

Single trip travel insurance

Single trip cover is the ideal option if you're planning just one trip away. A single trip insurance policy covers just one holiday or trip and ends when the holiday does.

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Medical travel insurance

Tailor your travel insurance to cover a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions so you can enjoy your travels without worrying.

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