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Winter ready…

Last year’s wet and windy winter took its toll on many households. Here are four of the top winter home insurance claims and what you can do to help protect your home from damage.

1.Burst Pipes
Burst or frozen water pipes are one of the most common causes of home insurance claims during the winter months. When temperatures often dip below freezing, the last thing you want is to be without heating. Protect them from the cold by insulating pipes and tanks to prevent freezing in cold weather.

2.Boiler breakdown
Boilers  are often involved in household claims. Leaks tend to be common issues, along with loss of pressure and problems with efficient heating. If you haven’t had your boiler serviced this year, now is the time, as being without hot water in winter is a painful experience.







3.Gutters & drainpipes
Blocked and overflowing gutters can cause problems with water ingress and damp. To reduce the risk of blockages, overflowing and freezing, clean out your drains and gutters. It’s also a good idea to prepare your home for storms  by trimming back branches.

4.Keep the heating on
Issues can arise when the central heating is switched off. Keeping the heating on a low temperature whilst you are away, can help prevent burst pipes and reduce frost damage and condensation.

Hello Autumn!

Taking some precautions before the winter weather kicks in can help prevent a claim, or for more extensive repairs later on down the line. Here’s 7 things you can do to prepare your house and property for autumn.

1. Clean out your gutters, making sure that down pipes and any outlets are
clear of leaves and debris. You’ll also need to check and repair any leaking
gutters. If a gutter is then blocked up with water, then this could freeze and
pull away from the building causing further damage.

2. Inspect the roof for any broken, loose or missing slates/tiles/mortar or
flashings and watch for any early signs of leaks or condensation on the
ceilings – especially at the outer edges.

3.Cutting back trees that are close to your home means they are less likely
to cause damage in a storm, as well as reduce the amount of leaves that
drop into the guttering.

4.Getting your boiler serviced or inspected should always be included in any
autumn MOT, as a boiler breakdown in the winter months is a grim

5.It may come as no surprise that during the longer hours of darkness, there
is an increase in the number of burglary claims made every year. It’s a
good time to review your home security measures

6.If you’re setting off for some winter sun, try to resist the urge to share news
of your trip on social media, advertising an empty property to thieves

7.Make sure you keep your contents insurance up-to-date and at a high
enough level to cover all your belongings, should the worst happen

An important proposal

Research suggests that the average cost of a diamond ring is in the region of £2,084. While the buyer of the ring might prefer to keep the cost of the ring secret, it’s important to know the value of the ring as most insurers have single item limits on the amount that can be claimed, typically no more than £1,500. Here at Select & Protect, that limit is £3,000 for Personal Items, if you have selected this as part of your cover. Any item worth more than this can be specified separately in the policy.

Doing our own research, we have been amazed at the tales of how people have lost their engagement and wedding rings either both at home and abroad. Many take their rings off when cooking, washing up and showering, which often seems to result in them falling down the sink.

Holidays are another claim hotspot with rings being put on towels and then lost in the sand! The loss can happen in advance of the big day itself as apparently over half of the brides-to-be admit to wearing loose-fitting engagement rings for nearly two months before getting them resized.

Most are able to claim for a replacement on their home insurance, but remember not all policies cover personal items outside of the home and abroad – so it’s good to know that we do.